Whilst we would all prefer to set trends rather than adopt them. It is still  important to keep up to date with creative developments in wedding photography to serve as inspiration. Especially since our approach is to photograph and capture weddings in the preferred style of our couples.

Here are a few of the trends we have come across this year in 2016 and have featured in our own work that we think will feature heavily next year in 2017 too.

Happy Couple at their wedding at Leez Priory Essex, Wedding Photography by Couture Wedding Films

1) More Authentic Observational Documentary Photos

The days where all wedding photography was done on film meant that any photos that were taken had to be near perfect on the first go. For this reason there was a tendency for photographers to lean towards “posed” photos. Whilst these types of photos allow people to have a nice memento of themselves looking their best. The downside is they miss the small candid moments of emotions present throughout the wedding day.  

We now tend to favour a combination of both posed editorial photos and group shots; as well as in the moment, observational documentary style photography and videography. By not putting an arbitrary limit on how to capture the big day it allows us to creatively tell the story without any restrictions. 

Happy Couple at their wedding Tuscany, Italy, Wedding Photography by Couture Wedding Films

2) Black and White

Likewise Black and white photography used to be preserved solely for artistic shots, rather than mainstream photography. This year we are beginning to see a return of black and white photography move into more of the mainstream, which we believe will continue to be on trend throughout next year. Black and White photographs remove the variation from a composition prompting the viewer to focus on the moment that is being captured. Expect to see full black and white photoshoots for family pictures and even weddings.


3) Drone Footage

This year we have seen a big increase in use of drone footage in weddings. As a CAA drone specialist we love the unique perspective drone footage allows you to capture of moments, people and places that we would otherwise not have from the ground. Because we have the latest 4k cameras on our drones it allows us to still produce creative and beautiful photos and videos from the air like we would on the ground. See some of our latest work for more details.        


4) Being different with cakes and locations

In 2016 we have seen a big trend in people doing things differently. In fact nothing is safe, even the classic wedding cake. According to a survey by less than 1/5 of couples are opting for the traditional wedding cake. Such as the cheese block wedding cake at the wedding of Susanna and Ashley we had the pleasure of capturing in Tuscany, Italy.

Whilst a wedding photographer or videographer can control the technical elements of their cameras to produce creative work, ultimately the compositions we are able to produce are largely down to the environment and subjects we are able to point our cameras at. The more different and more unique our subjects the more creative and interesting photographs and videos we can produce.

Happy brides maids beside the bride at a wedding in Italy Tuscany, Wedding Photography by Couture Wedding Films

Likewise we have seen an increase in destination weddings. An estimated 9 million Brits will be invited to a wedding abroad in the next 2 years.

Photograph of Eltham Palace - Wedding Photography by Couture Wedding Films


Although this does not mean than people are still not getting married in the UK. In fact we at Couture Wedding Films have seen a big increase in Winter bookings, and so has both Sam Anderson from Eltham Palace and Kerry Pedrick from Stationers’ Hall. For photographers like us this presents a unique opportunity to capture images in winter conditions which forces us to be more creative.

5) Wedding Fashion Trends:

Ultimately it is undeniable that wedding fashion plays a huge part of the big day. It also plays a big part of what we are capturing as wedding photographers and videographers. Four fashion trends we have come across in 2016 and likely to feature in our wedding photography 2017 too are.

Long tailed wedding dress with lace by Adela B

Big Skirts – This year we have seen a return of big bold and beautiful skirts. These provide an amazing opportunity for creative and grand editorial style photos. Especially from designers such as Pronovias – Adela

Susannah in her beautiful lace wedding dress designed by herself - Susannah Rachel Bridal Couture

Lace – Luscious lace has always been bridal favourite but now seems to be especially popular in 2016. In 2017 there is a tend for a more contemporary/modern edge. An example being the dress above worn by Susannah Griffiths  which was also designed by herself at Susannah Rachel . Other designers include Carla Ruiz and Naeem Khan.


Modern Cool –  Modern cool dresses have also played a big part in 2016 and will continue to do so in 2017. Two designers have stood out with Eliza Jane Howell’s Jumpsuit and Isabel Zapardiez’s white suit with veil combo (


Colour – Designers have also been quite creative with pinks, peaches and florals providing great composition opportunities for us photographers. Designers who took advantage of this trend: Anny Lin// Carla Ruiz// Immaculada Garcia.