Here at Couture Wedding Films, we have been working closely with Asian couples to help capture the magic of their weddings. We wondered what went into creating such extravagant events and saw how the setting played a huge part in making the day. Take a look at our tips for what we think makes the best stage for an Asian wedding in 2017.

ABCs for Choosing an Amazing Asian Wedding Venue


Venue 5, London


One of the most important aspects of the day is to maker sure all guest feel welcomed and comfortable. No matter what it is, photography or catering, styling or floristry, get to know the teams providing your services first. Don’t be afraid to visit venues and speak to the staff to see who you’ll be working with. This is where the magic happens, and you want be sure you’re in the safest of hands to pull out the stops on your big day.


Nash Conservatory, Royal Botanical Kew Gardens, London

Big and Bold

What’s an Asian wedding without countless guests? You have to be sure that the venue not only can accommodate everyone, but also make sure everyone is at the centre of the fun. A large, open space can work brilliantly to ensure that a collective feel is in the air. Alternatively, it can be great to make the most of of stunning outdoor surroundings in the warmer summer months.


Leicester Marriot Hotel


Recent years have seen a break away from traditional colour schemes, such as red and gold at Muslim weddings. Now, so long as it’s vibrant, anything goes! Your venue should catch people’s eyes, photographs should capture just how lively the day is and make that last forever. Nothing about an Asian wedding is low-key, and so the venue should be no different.


Some of the table decorations at Sofitel St James, London

Detail to the Design

While some couples would rather decorate the venue themselves, some may prefer to work with what the venue has to offer already. If this is the case, be sure that their team can provide you with everything you need, even down to the last patterned tablecloth. An attention to detail goes a long way in crafting your chosen aesthetic, so let the little things amount to a big success.


Everywhere’s A Stage

Your wedding is your show – own the ground that you’re walking upon. You may just be using a single hall or using the venue’s entire grounds, but this is your wedding. Consider where you’ll be spending the biggest day in your life in terms of the inside, the outside, practicality for moving about, the photos – the list goes on. It’s important to take a look around and envisage your wedding there from the moment you visit the venue. That way, you and your beloved are sure to make beautiful memories to last forever.

The Orangery, Royal Botanical Kew Gardens, London