As summer comes around, so do new wedding dress styles and trends. But how do you make the most of its uniqueness, its elegance, its most striking details? Here, we’ll give a few suggestions of how we think you could show off your dress in photos, whether it be a traditional gown or a more contemporary piece.

6 Ways to Flaunt Your Wedding Dress on Camera in 2017

Wedding Dress with Lace Detail

1 – Up Close and Personal

The complexity of a wedding is undeniable, and the same can go for dresses. Lace detailing, for example, is a sophisticated, delicate part of a wedding dress – it’s important we capture that. One of the best and most popular techniques to do this in wedding photography is close-up shots. They seize the moment and ensure that no detail, no intricacy, no flutter of joy goes unmissed.   Long-Shot of the Bride

2 – Longing for More

A fashion feature that has survived the winter is long sleeves on dresses. A more conservative aspect of wedding fashion, whether fitted or streamed, they bring a new dimension to a traditional style. To fully appreciate the beauty of this look, long-shots are a great choice to exhibit your ensemble.  What better way to show off a distinctive dress in all its glory?   Wedding Dress Bow

3 – All Eyes on You

Which little girl doesn’t dream of her big day, all eyes on her looking her most beautiful? A growing number of women are choosing dresses with eye-catching features like big bows or sparkles. In our shots, we want to depict that sense of being the centre of attention throughout the day.  Candid shots work amazingly to add a dimension of being in the moment, lost in the excitement of your wedding day.   Outside Nature Shot

4 – At One with Nature

One of the biggest trends in wedding dresses at the moment is floral patterns. If you have a venue with beautiful surroundings outside, why not make the most of them as a background against your dress? The elements of nature are captured by our photography and contrasted to your style – all while making sure you are the brightest flower in bloom.   Bride in Black and White

5 – Blast from the Past

Retro is in, and a more minimalist 90s style of dress is a simple, yet tasteful classic. You might, therefore, want to talk to your photographer about the way your day is documented in editing. Black and white shots create a stark picture, whilst warmer filters help craft a more vintage, rustic image. We know how important it is to get your wedding day right, so always make sure to discuss how you’d like your album tailored.   Bride and Bridesmaids

6 – Crafting Colour

This way to work your dress is probably the most versatile of them all.  Lighting, venue, surroundings, guests, colour scheme – so many factors go into the overall visual on the day. But if you can’t keep them all under control, work with them! It’s our job as photographers to put you at centre stage.