6 Ways to Flaunt Your Wedding Dress on Camera in 2017

As summer comes around, so do new wedding dress styles and trends. But how do you make the most of its uniqueness, its elegance, its most striking details? Here, we’ll give a few suggestions of how we think you could show off your dress in photos, whether it be a traditional gown or a more contemporary piece. Read More

ABCs for Choosing an Amazing Asian Wedding Venue

Here at Couture Wedding Films, we have been working closely with Asian couples to help capture the magic of their weddings. We wondered what went into creating such extravagant events and saw how the setting played a huge part in making the day. Take a look at our tips for what we think makes the best stage for an Asian wedding in 2017.

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Wedding Photography and Videography for Klairi & Mert at Leez Priory

Wedding Photography and Videography at Leez Priory

The day began like any other British day. It was overcast and dreary, a worrying start to any wedding day but the forecast was positive. When we arrived on location we were awestruck by the magnificent beauty of the 16th Century Mansion and Gardens at Leez Priory. Read More