The Ancient Woodland Wedding 

Caroline & Mark
The Story
The creative brief for the wedding film was to make it magical, ethereal and romantic but with a hint of music festival madness. For this very unique wedding, we booked in our two top videographers (Sam and Matt) to cover the wedding of Caroline & Mark on the 26th August 2017. The setting was a remote woodland, far away from any civilisation or amenities. This presented a unique set of challenges to the organisers meaning they had to bring in power, toilets, catering, accommodation (tents) and a covered venue in the form of a huge tipi.

We started the morning covering the bride and groom prep, along with the venue and the surrounds. By 12 o’clock the guests were beginning to arrive. Sam concentrated on filming the guests and getting the reaction shots before going to set up the audio and video for the main ceremony. Matt stayed with Caroline to get the final moments of her prep.

The ceremony went off with only one minor hitch, one of the benches collapsed which caused a particularly funny scene of guests sprawled on the floor which made it into the film. After the ceremony the couple and the party were lead down to another area of the forest for drinks and the most amazing selection of snacks (Homemade sausage rolls, scotch eggs and rustic breads). During this time, we took the couple off into the forest to film some detail shots of the couple.

Towards the later afternoon we took the kit up to the tipi to set up for the speeches, dances and cake cutting. Later into the evening the fire was lit and we had a lot of fun throwing logs into it to try and get the sparks in the air. Just before sunset we left the woodland to the adjoining field to fly the drone.

The setting looked idyllic with the golden hour sun bathing the woodland scene and the fire lighting up the wedding scene.

By the end of the evening we were very tired, a long 12 hour day running round a forest with cameras certainly takes it out of you. We said our goodbyes just as the party was starting to turn a bit more raucous and barring a slight issue of being blocked in the carpark, we made it home without a hitch.

We would like to say a big thank you to Caroline and Mark for inviting us to film their wedding. It was a beautiful and very original day.