Forty Hall Estate Wedding 

Gareth & Yildiz
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The Story

Gareth and Yildiz chose us for their wedding on the 19th August 2017.  Their ceremony & reception was held at the beautiful Forty Hall Banqueting Suite, in North London. Our couple opted for two wedding videographers and they wanted us to capture their day from the bride and groom preparations through to their first dance at the reception.

We started at the Bride’s house where her family had gathered to begin the celebrations on her big day! We utilised the beautiful natural light in the Bride’s bedroom to capture shots of the final touches of her hair and make-up. As she slipped in to her dress we headed downstairs to capture shots of all her family members who had travelled from far and wide to be a part of the wedding.

Even with a one-man crew we were keen to capture shots of both the Bride and Groom getting ready and soon as we had plenty of shots with the Bride recorded, our videographer jumped in the car and raced across to capture the final parts of the Groom’s preparation. The boys were keen to get the finishing touches of their cuff-links and pocket squares captured so that they could move on to the most important part of the day, a beer and kick about in the garden!

Leaving just ahead of the Groom we arrived at the venue and launched our aerial drone camera to get footage while the sun was shining and the beautiful venue was empty.

As guests began to arrive we headed into the ceremony room to prepare our 3 camera setup to capture the ceremony and it was not long at all before the Bride was at the door and the ceremony commenced.


With the ‘I do’s’ complete, we joined the photographers and took the couple out in to the gardens to film a few special moments in slow-motion as an extra touch for their final film.

With the gardens bathed in summer sunshine we followed the guests outside to capture some laughs and smiles as they all enjoyed their cocktails, not forgetting to capture all the special little details (like a help yourself pick and mix sweet stand) that the Bride and Groom had organised.

After a lovely dinner, everyone was in party mood and after speeches were completed the guests rushed on to the dance floor where a mix of traditional and more contemporary dancing took place throughout the evening!

The evening finished with a ceremony traditional for the Bride’s family of pinning money on to the dress. We know that these parts of the day are truly special for the couple so stayed late to ensure this was all captured for the couple to watch back and enjoy.

Gareth & Yildiz Cinematic Trailer

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