Le Manoir Du Bout Du Pont 

Joanne and David
The Story

Joanne and David chose to go away to get married in July 2019 and we were absolutely delighted that they asked us to go with them. Le Manoir Du Bout Du Pont is located in Agnac, just south of Bergerac, and is a stunning location for a wedding celebration.

The venue itself is extremely flexible and provides multiple options for ceremony location; both indoor and outdoor. This proved to be more useful than initially thought, as despite the very hot days that preceded the 27th July, the day itself was extremely wet and the ceremony and reception had to be held inside the barn.

Rain is not really something you plan for when getting married in France, in the middle of July, but everyone got involved; the catering team, the DJ and all the guests, to ensure the day was just as beautiful in the rain!

In terms of filming, our team just had to be flexible. Of course we tried to maximise the periods of dry weather, but instead of trying to dodge the showers all day (which just puts pressure on everyone else involved) we decided to make a feature out of the rain to make sure the film represented their day to remember.

Despite worries the final film would look grey and rainy, Joanne and David were absolutely thrilled with the results and had no changes after the initial draft. Their service and final film is a great example of our Cinema Max package; take a look below.

According to the French, if it rains on your wedding day it means you’ll have a happy marriage – worth it for a few umbrellas we’d say!

Joanne and David’s Cinematic Film