Leicester Marriot Hotel Wedding

Azim & Shazmin
The Story

Azim & Shazmin chose us for their 10th Wedding event in April 2017, with the reception held at the Leicester Marriot Hotel. They wanted a cinematic film with family members interviewed sending well wishes to the newlyweds. And photography that covered their family and friends celebrating their union.

Our three-person crew travelled from London & Nottingham, to the Leicester Marriot Hotel on a bright sunny spring afternoon. When they arrived they met with the sister of the groom to finalise the order of events for the day. It was the couple’s 10th wedding event with over 300 guests, having already done the religious ceremony a few days’ prior, this event would focus primarily on the immediate family and a few select close friends celebrating their new union.

Upon arrival they were also informed there was a mix-up where the bride’s family having paid for another crew of photographers!

They quickly met with the other team and agreed upon the priority being given to our team to capture the key elements of the day whilst the others worked in the background.

After settling this small side step, our photographer and one of our videographers started with the bridal prep whilst our other videographer started with some of the family interviews. After finishing the bridal prep, the team focused on capturing the décor that the sister of the groom had prepared for this special occasion.

From there the photographer captured the arrival of the guests, and worked on getting beautiful imagery of the cake. After the guests were seated, the couple made their entrance before working their way down a red carpet to the head stage where they remained seated on a grand white sofa throughout most of the evening.

When it was finally time for the couple shoot and family formal portraits, one member of our team headed to the kitchen to capture the chef preparing the divine slow-cooked mouth watering lamb.

After this the team returned to the reception hall and captured the guests in a documentary style, laughing and enjoying the celebrations, behind the scenes.

Overall the day was a huge success, with our clients over the moon with their photos and short film. And being able to work alongside, and on par, with one of the top wedding photography firms in the world was an exciting experience. Please have a look at the small sample album below.


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