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Mariella & Bert
Engagement Shoot
The Story

Mariella and Bert have chosen us for their wedding on the 11th May 2018. As part of their selected wedding package we included a complimentary engagement/ pre-wedding shoot. The couple chose the Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park as the location for the shoot.

On March 25th 2018, our lead photographer – Martin – and our Director – Atilla – met up with Mariella & Bert at Richmond Park for the relaxed sunset shoot. Unfortunately for the team, winter didn’t seem to want to go away, so the start of the shoot was in overcast conditions. To compensate for the lack of beautiful light, our creative team, used off camera flash techniques to mimic the golden light of a sunset.

The team had a lot of fun with the happy couple and after getting some stunning images in the Isabella Plantation, the team headed into the bushy area on a hill to capture some of the rich colours in the sky peaking through the clouds. As it started to drizzle, Atilla lent the couple his umbrella, while Martin attached some fairy lights to it for a whimsical shoot.

When the team packed up the gear and thanked the couple for the enjoyable shoot and headed back to the car park, Martin suddenly noticed that the tree line ahead had turned bright red. Turning around they were greeted with a dramatic beautiful red sunset.  Our team just had to get the shot of the couple enjoying the beautiful scene.

All in all it was a great shoot, with our clients over the moon with the results. We can’t wait to capture their wedding in May!

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