St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel Wedding 

Tash & Nic
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The Story
The creative brief for the wedding film was to make it as fun & artistic as possible, not like the standard classical short film.  For this very unique wedding, we booked in our top videographers (Sam and Troy) to cover the wedding of Nic & Tash on the 21st October 2017. Additionally we brought on our director, Atilla, to man the fixed camera and an additional freelance operator to focus on capturing the smaller details of the day. The setting was at the world famous St Pancras Renaissance Hotel.

We started early in the morning before the bride and groom and their families arrived with filming the stunning hotel and it’s surrounding area. Then the team began to set up for the ceremony making sure sound and lighting were perfect. As guests and groom started to arrive half the team split up to film the groom and his family and the other half went to film the bride and her bridesmaids getting ready.

With all the guests finally seated, the ceremony began in the afternoon and as the father of the bride escorted the bride down the aisle the team were in place to capture the ceremony from all angles.

The ceremony began with speeches from the father of the groom and one of the families uncles and also the sister of the bride. After the civil ceremony had finished, the father of the groom instructed the groom to conduct the Jewish tradition of the groom breaking a glass with his right foot symbolising the absolute finality of the marital covenant.


With the ceremony over the bride and groom and family and friends joined them for photographs on the legendary staircase of the hotel which was the scene for the famous Spice Girls Song ‘Wanna be’.

By the evening the bride and groom were joined by their friends and family for the performances on stage by the wonderful acts followed by the traditional Salem song and dancing on chairs and then speeches by the family and the couples first dance and the cutting of the cake.

We would like to say a big thank you to Tash and Nic for inviting us to film their wedding. It was a beautiful and very original day.

Tash & Nic Cinematic Trailer

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