6 Wedding Dress Inspirations for 2019-2020

6 Wedding Dress Inspirations for 2019-2020

Choosing your dream wedding dress should be one of the most exciting and unforgettable moments a bride will ever experience. Although deciding on just one dress, when there are so many styles out there, can become quite stressful. What matters, is that your dress makes you feel beautiful and reflects your personality and wedding theme. To help you find your perfect fit, we’ve put together some insight on the bridal looks likely to be seen in the UK in 2019 & 2020.

The Meghan Markle Effect

Fashion designers have been pulling out all the stops on designing minimalist wedding dresses based off of the simple design of Meghan Markle’s dress. Megan’s dress was made of silk with three quarter length sleeves including a bateau neckline, a train and a piece of blue material from a dress she wore on her first date with Prince Harry.  British fashion designer, Clare Waight Keller, did a marvellous job designing her ‘one of a kind’ gown. 

On her wedding day, Megan signified elegance while looking stunning and relaxed. The effect was definitely ‘less is more’.  If you seek sophistication on your big day, try wedding dresses that are structured, and focus on clean lines and a tailored waist. This will achieve that modern yet timeless style. We expect to see more 2019/2010 brides choose this style to make a bold statement and stand out from the crowd. 

Laced Long-Sleeved Wedding Dresses

Sleeves on wedding gowns have been around for centuries. Whether capped, short, three-quarter or long, sleeves are a great option for those wishing to find a practical and contemporary design. They provide a classic silhouette that is sure to wow your friends and family.

Modern illusion lace, a sleeve style sparked in 2011 by Kate Middleton, has continued to be a significant trend in the bridal fashion industry. Long considered more fashionable for winter weddings, laced long-sleeved wedding dresses are super comfortable throughout the whole year. Take a look at the beautiful dress below, worn by one of our lovely brides last July.

Geometric Styled Wedding Dresses

Beautifully-crafted lace will always be desired for wedding dress styles. However, in 2019/2020, it’s all about geometric patterns. Geometric patterns feature lots of repeated lines and shapes; from triangular cut-outs to diamond detailing. Typically, geometric styles are more angular than classic lace features and can add a modern twist to a more traditionally styled dress. 

We have compiled some examples below. 

Epic Wedding Veils

Wedding veils are not for everybody and despite being fundamental in the ancient Roman age to ward off evil spirits, many modern brides chose not to have one. However, how many chances will a girl have to wear a veil? Veils are not an accessory you will wear regularly; in fact, your wedding day may be the only time you ever wear a veil. So why not make it extra special?

Epic wedding veils exude vintage elegance and certainly deliver a show stopping grand entrance at the ceremony. They also make for amazing portrait shots and creative photographic memories; so we must admit, we love them!

Some brides do question the practicality of a long veil; they are best suited for indoor weddings at cathedrals or large churches with wide aisles. However, our bride Susanna certainly made hers work as she married Ash at their quaint outdoor wedding in Tuscany (pictured below).

wedding veils, cathedral veil, chapel veil

Backless Wedding Dresses

Backless wedding dresses offer the perfect style for a statement-making bride; simple yet sexy. Although these dresses may be backless, it is certainly all about the detail. Intricately-detailed lace backs, beautiful hand beading, and sweet buttons over an illusion back, make for an unforgettable gown. For the ultimate dress, displaying elegance, glamour and drama, backless wedding dresses can be an ideal choice for anyone. 

If you are put off choosing a backless dress due to lack of support or comfort, don’t be! There are lots of ways to create the illusion, including sheer panelling and clever cut outs. We loved Roberta’s backless wedding dress; take a look 

Or this stunning example from our Bride To Be – Hazel:

Practical Wedding Dresses

It’s all about pockets. For that picture perfect pose that’s both dramatic and casually romantic, nothing is more stylish than a wedding dress with pockets. Carefully designed to be totally hidden, wedding dresses with pockets epitomise an air of grace and sophistication, but also look super chic and contemporary. 

Our lovely bride Kate looked incredible in her pocket themed dress last December. 

practical wedding dress, pockets, wedding dress

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