Planning your perfect wedding can be stressful, so we’ve compiled a list of wedding trends to give you a little bit of inspiration and a helping hand.

Practical Wedding Dresses:

Practicality is everything with the latest wedding dress trend. Even on your wedding day phones, lipsticks and tissues, for those inevitable tears, need to go somewhere. Therefore, wedding dresses are now being designed with an extra detail…pockets! Is there anything more chic and sophisticated than a wedding dress with pockets? It is seen as an added quirky feature, that is contemporary and a step away from traditional wedding dress styles.

Social media has become a great place to share ideas with many modern brides using the hashtag ‘weddingdresswithpockets’, to share pictures and tips on their big day. In most styles, the pockets are designed to appear as if they are not there, completely hidden and concealed within the skirt of the dress. Take a look at this lovely moment we captured with our bride Kate last December.  

For more insight on wedding dress ideas, please have a look at our article ‘6 Wedding Dress Inspirations for 2019-2020‘.

Wedding Accessories:

Whether it’s something old, something new or something blue, accessories are an important part of wedding day attire. Current accessory trends are acknowledging modern fashion, with festival style headbands and jewelled belts, but never moving too far away from the classic bridal look, with pearl earrings and detailing still providing that traditionally beautiful image.

Finding the appropriate accessories can transform the bridal look. Accessories make a great statement, and importantly, one that reflects the personality of the bride. Recently, many brides have opted for flower crowns instead of the traditional veil, as worn by our lovely bride – Alice.

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The Rise of Instagram:

Although many couples are now asking their guests not to take photos or videos during the ceremony, the use of tailored hashtags is certainly on the rise. Using a specific hashtag allows the bride and groom to relive their special day from the viewpoint of their guests.

Many couples arrange for professional portraits to be taken but the Instagram hashtag is a brilliant way to locate all memorable photos and videos that were posted on social media during the day. By searching their hashtag on Instagram the newlyweds and their guests can reminisce about the events of the day, by viewing their own funny, lively and unforgettable selfies and videos. Who doesn’t love a drunk selfie with Grandpa, Auntie Betty and your best friend from college?

However, it is understandable why some couples want their day to be completely detached from the world by having no photos and videos taken during the ceremony. They want this intimate time to be completely ‘unplugged’, as we’ll discuss below.

Unplugged Ceremonies:

There are times for phones and social media, but many couples have decided that the moment they say ‘I do’ is not one of them. The rise of social media has made our world a very recordable place; situations and moments can be captured and stored forever, as well as being shared and reviewed immediately.  

However, this does come with its consequences; many people believe we now live our lives through the screens of our smart devices and although we can reminisce via a physical picture, we do not live in the moment and under-appreciate the value of the present. We are expecting to see a progression in ‘unplugged’ wedding ceremonies as a result. Asking guests not to take photos or videos throughout the ceremony directs the focus onto the couple and the vows they are making. Instead of asking in person, many couples are putting up simple signs around the venue that kindly encourage guests to put away their mobile phones and just enjoy the moment.

It is also important to remember that the bride and groom will more than likely have invested in professional photographers and videographers to capture those intimate moments in a non-intrusive way.

Photo Credit: The KP Studio

Video Mapping / Moving Projection:

Video mapping, or moving projection, is a popular feature couples use to transform a single room, making it look completely different for one stage of the day to another. It involves the use of projectors which seamlessly fuse the real and virtual worlds by implementing computer generated graphics on a surface, such as a dance floor or a wall.

If you want a way to amaze your guests during your wedding, video mapping is a great choice. Couples will have the chance to select from endless colours, shading and design elements which are completely customisable. It is certainly a creative and innovative way to ensure that the wedding reflects their union. A great example of how video mapping looks can be seen at Jordan & Leisha’s special day featured below:

Charcuterie Boards:

If you are a vegetarian or vegan you may disagree, but who doesn’t love a good charcuterie board? They can be a great way to kick-start a wedding reception and the bonus is they look absolutely fantastic when laid out. Platters of cured, cooked or smoked meats go fantastically with a selection of hard and soft cheeses such as brie and sharp cheddar for the vegetarians. Fruit and nut platters are a great accompaniment for those with a sweeter tooth.  Pâtés can also be included with baguettes that are freshly baked and warm. Many caterers also offer a similar gluten or dairy free arrangement, along with vegetarian options.

This DIY approach is a relaxed, casual alternative to the traditional served hors d’oeuvres, where guests are able to chose exactly what they would like and when they would like it.

Hand Painted Wedding Cakes:

Painstakingly delicate and almost too pretty to eat, these specially made cakes can steal the show of the wedding decorations.

A step away from the classic white three tier cake, the current trend incorporates carefully painted floral designs. They can be incredibly intricate or simply charming with stunning detailing. There are a multitude of ways a couple can personalise a wedding cake to make it represent their union. If you, like so many of us, love a good ‘old Victoria sponge cake, but want something a little more special this could provide a fantastic way of having both. If you are not into floral patterns, then why not experiment with scripted prints and contemporary graphics?


We are well aware of how minimalism has ruled the wedding world for the past several years; many couples have chosen simplistic, ethereal styles which are exquisite and classic. However, it is now 2019 and the new trend is the complete opposite; ‘Maximalism’. Less may no longer be more, with 2020 looking like it is going to be louder than ever with many opting for a “more is more” approach. Minimalist weddings exclude elaborate detailing, but maximalism ensures the space is filled with bold lavish content.

Many couples may be put off a maximalism wedding due to concern about budget; we all know what more means… However, don’t be put off; there are so many ways for you create a visually extravagant day without spending a fortune. Dramatic installation, such as the new craze of floral background wall displays, can transform a section of your room to represent a certain area or time within the day. In addition, arranging creative tables that use textured linens and fabric, and perhaps hand-making your bouquets and corsages to make them as elaborate as you wish, can really add the wow factor to your wedding day.

Outdoor, Intimate, Celebrant-Led Weddings:

Many couples are choosing to have a bespoke Celebrant-Led wedding that not only reflect who they are as a couple, but also how they wish to formalise their union. It is an option that allows the bride and groom to incorporate and fuse multi-faith traditions, allowing them to add symbolic customs and rituals.

One of the best things about Celebrant-Led weddings is the flexibility of location. You can have it outside, whether that be on a farm, beach or in a woodland. Some couples even go as far as having adventure wedding ceremonies to better reflect their personalities and interests. What matters is the significance of the location to your relationship, family, and other loved ones.

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Flares & Smoke Grenades:

Do you want to make a bold statement during your wedding? Then flares and smoke grenades could be the party trick for you! Pyrotechnics contain materials, which when triggered, release a burst of light or smoke. Flares are small devices that are used to illuminate a safe space outdoors. Whereas, smoke grenades let off coloured smoke creating colourful and vibrant backdrops.

Both offer a fun and unique way for couples to create absolutely breath-taking photos with your guests. We have seen them work really well during bohemian inspired, outdoor festival themed weddings.

Exit Sparklers:

After a long and exciting day with your loved ones we can’t think of a better way to wave goodbye than with a few sparkles of joy.

Sparklers are one of the biggest wedding trends over the last few years. Not only do they create a great photo opportunity, they also bring all your loved ones together when the celebrations are in full swing. Although, always investigate permissions at your venue as although most will allow them, they can only be lit in a safe, open and outdoor space.

A popular idea is for wedding guests to form a tunnel, standing parallel either side, and for the newlyweds to walk through the space lit with sparklers. A pretty display of twinkling light during the afternoon or at sunset, creates a wonderful and joyful atmosphere that you and your guests will remember forever. One tip though, get a decent blow torch lighter!

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From a lovely wedding we captured in the French Alps.
An example of a sparkler tunnel with guests. From our lovely couple Savannah & Ryan